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Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

Tip? Maybe a SPOILER:

You can actually win this game. It doesn't have to end in certain death. So don't give up! Don't think the bad ending is the true ending.

Probably my favorite flash horror game of all time. I've been a fan of it for a while, and actually helped beta test its spiritual successor, so I might as well write a review.

I Can't Escape is a very creepy and atmospheric game that forces you to explore. At first glance, the way to escape seems simple: just find the key! But then you'll pick up a key and realize it doesn't work on the first door you landed in front of. Then you'll accidentally fall down a hole, into a completely new area. Maybe you'll find your way back up to the first level somehow, only to realize you don't recognize anything. Maybe you'll assume you need to go deeper to escape, or maybe you'll accidentally fall again, but one way or another, you'll go down again. Then on the third level, you'll meet a ghost who pushes you further down. From time to time, horrific red-eyed shadows will emerge from pits, a helpful yet startling warning of the danger beneath your feet.
As you descent further into the labyrinth, your character begins to move faster, probably reflecting the sense of panic you're in now. How many keys have you picked up again? Why won't that door open? Wasn't there a big open room where this long hallway is now? Your visibility lessens, and the textures change. The walls look almost like they're made from the skulls of people who couldn't escape. You can't even see those flower textures on the ground that were so obvious at the start of this game.
Eventually, you'll fall into a tiny room surrounded by four locked doors, and as you frantically slam against them in a futile attempt to get out, your vision fades to black. The title of this game, which you almost laughed at clicking on this page, now fills your mind as the darkness claims your soul, as it has so many others...
Other than sounding like a bad ghost story, that was my first time playing the game in a nutshell.

Summary of the experience aside, other pros in my humble opinion include being kept on edge by the ambiance, even when you know it's just a background sound effect and not something coming after you, replayability due to random generation, and escape still being a challenge even when you know the secret. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes horror games.

Not to advertise or anything, but the spiritual successor coming out on Steam soon is also fantastic, and a game I would recommend once it comes out.

Ladders are either trapped or with visible pits. Thats ok. I can deal with it. But, when you walk around for almost half an hour and get dropped one level down for randomly trying to open door. That is a low punch.

very very creepy. Especially with the headphones on and the lights off. I like how it looks like a late 90's/early 00's windows game
The only problem I can see is the controls are a little funky. But you get used to it after a while.

i play this game
but now i cant it why?

davidmaletz responds:

Does it have an error message, like "requires 3D hardware?" Please PM me the details, and I'll see if I can help you get it working again.