Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

Great game overall, i enjoyed the music and the dispair of searching for a way up and still falling deeper. I agreed with "mcKooper", there is room for improvement with interactive objects. An Enemy and health bar, key things that would make this game even more enjoyable! I hpe to see more work from you in the future.

really good work! the movement is a bit slow but it´s ok. first it seems boring that there´s nothing to interact but that doesnt disturb because the game works great in its simplicity. the music and leveldesign creating such a great atmosphere which is growing with each level you fall down.

At first i was a bit skeptic about this game. Because of the textures, and the overal emptyness. But if you go walk around somewhat, it actually gets really fun.

Eventually you keep trying to get deeper and deeper instead of higher hehe, to see how creepy it gets. I really liked the subtility of the details, like the eyes, the ghosts etc.

Very nicely done!

slendermaaaaan slendermaaaaan!!! Peraphs is he not a maaaan!!!!

Amazing! I thought this was a thrilling escape game. I got a lot of keys but I did not escape and I did not know what to do with the keys.

davidmaletz responds:

The keys automatically unlock doors... whether they are the doors you need or not is another question! Glad you liked the game though!