Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

Awesome! I like the graphics! And very scary too! Good job guys! ;) I just wonder is there a way out? has anyone gotten out? I played for quite some time until I fell some 10 floors deeper and ended up in a cage... Scary! :D Good job!

I should of expected a scary game from a name called I can't escape XD but it was done well I was scared even with friends in a light environment... probably the biggest scare i got was a ghost behind me... when I turned around good game creepy environment and fun scares. The eyes was a good touch to.

I think there is totally no way to get out...

thought i was smarter than the game till i lost and realized i wasted ahour overall good game !!

Awesome.. but i got stuck in the smal room with four locked doors! ;)

i wonder how far down it goes...