Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

I don`t think the keys work propperly, I saw a door with a ladder on the other side. (Untrapped and all)
But of course the door wouldn`t open. Then I went around the corner, and foud a key. I went to the dor with the ladder aigan, but it still didn`t open. Does the key work in another way than I think it does, or is it a bug? At least I think you can just run into the door when you got a key, then it will open.
Also, if you could add it somewhere so that we can see how many keys we got, that would have been great.
Overall, I love the game, I was actually planning making a similar game myself sooner or later with a slightly diffrent mechanic. This scared me A LOT the first time, then it was like scary and all, but something`s missing.

davidmaletz responds:

Hehe, it's no bug - some doors cannot be unlocked with keys, and some people think the keys don't do anything at all! The keys do something, but it might not be exactly what you'd expect!

No HUD necessary for this game, you're meant to be lost and confused. You can try to keep track of everything in your head, but that will likely only make you more lost and confused! The game is definitely scariest the first time, if you're starting to get used to the game, you should try to escape (see this post: http://www.indiedb.com/games/i-cant-escape/news/can-you-escape ).

The game is amazing but a little bit scary because when you make it fullscreen you have the impression that something will pop up the music is creepy too the game is creepy
i think the maze is infinite that's a puzzle game
Anyways is almost imposible but is posible.
But Better not put screamers because i was in a room that haved 1 dooar and 4 normal walls and when i got there and i wanter to exit a ghost or something poped up i almost got a heart attack but anyways AMAZING!
The graphics is incredible!

great now go with a dungeon hack - eye of the beholder version

monster slashing and fireball trowing! IT'S ADVENTURE TIME!

davidmaletz responds:

Haha, I was definitely going for that retro-3D dungeon look - and they're both randomly generated too! I strongly recommend Lands of Lore as well, it's a great retro-3D RPG.

NOPE NOPE IM DONE. even though the thing popping out of the ground wasn't that scary i was just waiting for something..to pop up and im sure its a great game but i cant play it. i have the chills now and i screamed.

I made it to the end! BTW I really doubt if its possible to win, since every ladder, visually trapped or not, is actually a hole! I saw multiple ladders without visual holes on the first level, but they all leaded me down (where I found ladders up which actually DID take me back). If it is possible, then please say it to me in a PM, davidmaletz. Great game, but needs improvement (like new floors, A HUD showing floor level, keys etc. and maybe even a multiplayer mode) .

davidmaletz responds:

You're probably falling through hidden pits - while I call them hidden, you actually CAN see them if you look carefully. If you can't recognize hidden pits, you wont be able to escape! Almost all ladders on the first floor are inaccessible, you're not going to be able to escape easily, but it is possible - you can see me escaping in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8mw9azY9qk (but the video makes it seem easier than it is!). As for the improvements, a few people have suggested a HUD, but I feel like it's not necessary - you're supposed to get lost anyways! You'll have to keep track of the level number and keys yourself haha.

I have no clue what I would do with a multiplayer mode for this game, if you have some suggestions, send me a PM! Thanks for the review and the suggestions!