Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

It's odd, but the eyes on the wall at first were disturbing, but as I played they almost became a comfort, knowing I wasn't completely alone down there.

Assuming it was the goal, I fell as far as I could until I was trapped between 4 locked doors. I was almost glad to just lose and be done with it. Not "terrifying" but nothing I'd want to play for more than a short while without a break (though it clearly has addictive properties to it).

Reading some of the comments (plus the title) I assume the game is endless, or is at least it's one of those "Slender" type games that gives you an addictive puzzle to solve with little reward for solving it. This isn't a bad thing, just not something I enjoy at length.

Good Game though.

After reading the post that MyNameIsMiro,i played the game on my second try carefuly,making sure that i don't fall from first level.I can confirm that what he said about the map 'despawning' is true.After walking around for bit it first level,i went back,hoping to open a door that i left unopend,8 coridors back.Guess what,after the 5 corridor,the map 'respawned'into a totally new layout.This game is great,and did make me feel lost,and tiny bit scared,even if i played through games such as Amnesia without a problem,so props for that.Art wise it is a great game,and graphics are good,but what keeps me from giving a 5 star rewiev is that map'despawning'thing.Next time you make a game like this,please remove that mechanism and make your progress show up.Looking foward to when u create another game like this!

interesting concept, but there was no navigation system, which means you can get lost easily, which would be fine since you're going for a creepy atmosphere, but it really wasnt that creepy, unnerving or scary. just kinda boring. I thought the two enemies were not scary or creepy, even the black thing that rises up near the bottom of the game is just kinda boring. tried it again knowing about the hidden pitfalls, and i ended up walking into them anyway because i was too bored to pay attention.

" I cant escape " the setting screen, since the Panel is cut off and i dont know what to click or where to click.
Dont know whats causing that problem, though.
Sorry 0 / 0

davidmaletz responds:

The "Begin" button is cut off? That's strange, you could try launching it in a popup, or try a different browser. You could also try downloading the swf and running that on your computer, as you can resize that window to make it bigger if it is cutoff.

This game is SO awesome and I have some suggestions to make it possibly even better. I believe those eyes should alert ghosts or monster to your presence if you look directly at them making it more scary to look directly at them. Also I believe the music should get creepier the closer you get. But since it's randomly generated I'm not sure how that would work. If any of these things are already in place excuse me. I think it would be cool to actually see the keys you have as well. I have a bunch more ideas if you're at all interested. if you're fine with your game then I'm fine with it too! 4/5 stars!