Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

...this is soooo D00M ;) (thou i miss the shotgun) great work - intelligent game!

I figured it out! Well.. Somewhat...

Here are some hints that might help other people out (They are cryptic so don't worry about spoilers):

At first I thought they did nothing, but after a while I realised that they did do something. However it was not always what I wanted them to do...

The defenition of insanity truly fits this dungeon well...

And finally, sometimes you have to see how deep the rabit hole goes. Don't fear the dark. They true key to succes is deeper than you might think...

That's it. I will keep on playing for now.

its a pity requires 3d hardware (like when you are under linux with non-supported drivers)

Attempt 1- lots of random wandering, falling through hidden pitfalls until I got stuck.
Attempt 2- Time to play smart, I learned what the hidden pitfalls looked like and was easily able to navigate this treacherous labyrinth without dropping down any floors. So I wander around the starting floor for about 20 minutes when I noticed that the map changes despite taking the same route between 2 points. Another 10 or so minutes of wandering and I find out that the keys do nothing, you can find a locked door pick up a nearby key try again but the door remains locked. "I'm onto you buddy, rearranging mazes and useless keys, it's all designed to throw the player off, but I'm not gonna fall for your tricks so easily, I will complete this game". Aaaaand cue 30 minutes of wandering around finding all ladders either blocked by pitfalls or unopenable gates. I don't know if this is just difficult to complete and involves getting lucky and finding the correct ladder or if you are trying to screw people over with a game that can't be beat. If it's the former than shame on you, if it's the latter than I guess you accomplished your goal spectacularly, because determined and driven by some deranged completionist compulsion I may be, but a winner I am not.

davidmaletz responds:

You are correct, all ladders are blocked on the first floor. If you're going to escape, you're going to have to break through common sense and make a ladder that was once unreachable, reachable!

this game is nice and all, but I can't understand how the floor traps work.. I mean, sometimes there are black holes where you fall to the lower floor and other (where you don't fall) that are the exit point of the stairs, but sometimes you fall without no apparent causes, even only turning around in place.. well, this takes away all the fun.. if it's a bug fix it please..

davidmaletz responds:

It's already been mentioned by someone, so there's no harm in telling you the four ways you can fall:
1. Normal pits - you've already seen these.
2. Hidden pits - they look like moss growing over a normal pit, which makes them very hard to see, but you can avoid them.
3. Trap doors - some doors, when you try to unlock/open them will drop you.
4. Ghosts - if a ghost reaches you, even from behind, it will drop you (this is probably what happened when you were turning in place).