Reviews for "I Can't Escape"

i can`t play! i`v the latest flash player update version and i CAN`T PLAY!!! WHY?? -.-

davidmaletz responds:

What error message does it give? The flash player 11 version? The hardware error? Send me a PM with details, and I may be able to help you out with that.

Good game; would like to see tighter graphics but otherwise this could be (and mostly is already) a really nightmarish, despairing mindscrew. Getting further and further from my goal...what a scary prospect. Thanks!

Okay, so, to begin, what was good:

The game had me addicted for quite a bit of time. Combining in total for a good 3-4 hours.

The game got scarier the deeper down I went. Seeing a ghost start to come towards me creeped me out. I literally heard myself hyperventilating just trying to run away from a ghost. There were also the black ghosts, popping up randomly, which unfortunately ended up scaring me more instead of helping. The atmosphere of the lower floors combined with the music made me think I was going to die now. The holes on the walls started to look more like dried blood from other dead people who came before.

The character starts to move faster and faster the further down you go, as a view of becoming more and more frantic to get out, which is another nice addition.

The trapdoors give a sudden, unexpected noise, which made me jump a bit.

And now for what could be improved on:

The movement felt really stiff. Also quite slow, having to turn to go in another direction rather than forward and back. I'd maybe like if you could perhaps run or move faster by double tapping an arrow key.

The game got repetitive. The fourth time around, I figured out what I really was supposed to do. (Not telling how to escape) Managing to escape, the ending was a bit disappointing.

There was no way of telling if a door was locked or not. I wanted to go some paths, only to find the door was locked. The fact that I had keys confused me on if the keys really did anything or not. (But you do actually need them).

Logically, if this was real life, you'd probably try to jump for the ladder, not fall through the hole, but however, that would defeat the purpose of the entire game.

The map seems to despawn and regenerates whenever you go too far off, or fall to the next floor using a ladder to get back up, enhancing the game difficulty, but it confuses players who wanna see if there's a pattern or not, although, it adds to the feel of the game, as if the maze was cursed.

The game only really gets scarier from floor three and below, because you can encounter ghosts from there, and pitfalls may be more common. I think most players would want to get back up, trying to go to each ladder they see, only to end up falling more and more. But after a few tries, you catch on, and don't end up down there as often as before.

Overall, the game was quite fun to play, of course, it needs a bit of work, or revision. But for a game made in a month, which got me entertained for a good amount of time and actually scared the crap outta me, you have done an impressive job. Keep it up.

4.5/5 stars.

davidmaletz responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I think adding strafing and double-tapping (or holding shift) for moving faster would improve the movement. If I make a "full" version, I'll definitely incorporate many of these ideas!

im just wondering does it really end when it sayes it does i mean there are other ways dose it really end like this(think about it) amazing game btw :D

davidmaletz responds:

That's the main ending, but there is another secret ending for those who really want to escape :P (you will probably need hints to find it).

It gives me chills and I feel a little fear in the inside. This is really creepy, I hate games like these lol. But it was good!! :D