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Reviews for "Colorpath"

Many of the levels were just way to hard to start off, but that kept it challenging and fun to play, music is good.

Fun concept. Simple but nice animation. Music was a little grating after a while, but not too bad.

One major complaint: the transitions between colors is too immediate for the controls given. Since it takes some time to actually get moving, there should be a fraction of a second grace period between colors. Otherwise, eliminate the acceleration time and have horizontal movement be instantaneous and constant.

Keep it up!

I felt like I was controlling a sack of sand covered in grease.

I bit of a very harsh learning curve, if the earlier levels had been easier, it would have made the game less frustrating. An excellent concept though. It would be really cool to see this game fleshed out in the future.

Interesting Concept, kept me playing till the game mechanics made me quit. I made it to the level with the red falling blocks, and I couldn't make it past the green section. Possibly decrease gravity a tad, speed up the bunny, less sliding on blocks, etc. Also might wanna consider at least decreasing the sound of the ringing on the clock.... kinda hurts to write this review.

I do want to see this game expanded on, though.