Reviews for "Traal"

Wow! This is a really amazing game made with a minimalist approach.
I really dig the eerie environment, including the sound effects and music.
It really is amazing what great atmosphere an artist can create using pixelated graphics and well placed sound.
As for some of the pessimistic reviews... It always makes me laugh when people complain that games / movies aren't scaring them to the point of wetting themselves. As if they want something to physically stimulate them so they don't have to put their imaginations to work in order to enjoy what's sitting before them.
It's sad when people bash others hard work because they are jaded and unimpressed by the world.

At the end, the game informed me that I had died 42 times.

That's wonderful.
In fact, that's so perfect, I almost doubt the truth of it.
I mean, if it just says that for everyone, then I guess it's a little funny, maybe a nice hint for those who didn't get the reference otherwise.
But I really want it to be a special little coincidence just for me <3

i think i saw this game a long time ago in this very same web...

really fun

Love the ambient sounds! Just need a few more, and it would be perfect. Great work.