Reviews for "Traal"

Well, I have to give this game credit for having some good graphics. The parts where it lost points were how hard it was. I would have liked it a lot more if the green blobs had come directly towards you instead of just scaring you away. It would have made more sense that way. I could tell that this was meant to be complicated. While it didn't have that much detail, it certainly worked well.

It just seems to pause when I avoid it. I wish I had some idea what the title meant. The sounds were fairly decent in this. You really can't move anywhere near the spikes. The colors are done fairly well too.

At first it was fun because it was simple, than out of nowhere I get inside a room that is very very hard. Kind of like 20 times harder than the last room. But you get a one because it is in fact a game. Not sure what the notes are for (to gather them all? to tease you in a pointless task? in order to complete the map so you can get out?). If there were real words with some scary stuff than I may understand the notes a little bit more and have a will to get them.

This game is one of those large pixel games that is easy to make and I don't see very much hard work here. Just walls, death triggers, and patrolling monsters. No plot, no other characters, no words, and nothing that makes this game stand out. Just add a little bit more on your next game to keep people playing your game.

As much as I would like to like this game, I can't. I can't like a game that, with a straight face, calls itself a 'horror' game, when it's not scary. At all.
No, other people who enjoyed this game: stop typing, I can feel it. This was not the great 'ambience' scary like the early Silent Hills and Amnesia. This was high-pitched BG music, an annoying mechanic and almost Braid-like pretentiousness from how it's descibed as a 'horror' game. (Calm down, note the 'almost'.)

Despite this, you still get half a star for effort and the fact it isn't absolute drivel like 90% of the games on Newgrounds.


WTF was going on? No plot I was just doing a mission as if i was a robot or something. I did all that for no explanation at all....Where was I? Who was I? wtf were those eye things? Why did I need a blindfold and couldnt simply close my eyes? Answers I need ANSWERS! :)

Nice game the graphics is awesome too