Reviews for "Traal"

The was, without exception, one of the greatest puzzle games I've played. The concept is incredibly original (to my knowledge) and beautifully executed. The choice of sounds and music perfectly complimented and contributed to the full, almost immersing experience. There were times when I was legitimately scared, not as the player but as the character.
I may be overly passionate about it, but this game really is fantastic.

Amazing game, i thought it was incredibly creative just by it self but then
a freaking blindfold... hahahahahaha

anyways protips
-problems because you are staring at monster too much? walk backwards
-problems trying to find a blindfold? try closing your eyes

Concept and mechanics are very nice but some things annoyed me. Like why would you run suicidally away from a stationary bouncing blob? The charging mushrooms are threatening but the potato? If not for that little annoyance I'd give another 0.5. Torn between 3.5 and 4.0. All round enjoyable game.

As a concept it's ok, in that what kind of threat does a green potato cyclops that bounces up and down on the spot pose? Kind of way. I don't want to sound like I don't know what going on here but how terrifying can one of those enemies be that requires a orchestral sting and you running into floor mounted spikes that cause your head to come off. I wouldn't so much call this "horror" as sci-fi with a twist of Lovecraft.

Is this named after the horrible bugbladder beast of traal(from a hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy)?
the game though:
hard at times, graphics were pretty great(I LOVED the shading effects), but mainly, the music and gameplay were the most atmospheric(music) and puzzling(gameplay) about it, keep up the good work, dude!