Reviews for "Traal"

duuuudeeee,, the game is too short... love it! cant wait for traal 2 haha :D

Very nice atmosphere set by this music, the colors are great, the gameplay is simple and enjoyable, the objectives are unsaid and clear...with a game like this, you even managed to set off the game without instructions. The lack of dialogue and sudden noises only help to make this game more awesome than it is. Kudos, sir.

Great game and interesting game play, and interesting concept, sadly i couldn't enjoy the horror to the fullest because i had to play without volume, as the ambiance became a almost constant tone that began to grate on my ears after a while, perhaps changing it up or lowering the tone could still instill tension without pain.

Quite the innovative gameplay, and it's unusual to see a blindfold be a power-up in a game. Loved the concept. That final half star I'm leaving off because like many good concept games on NG, it felt incomplete without something to tie all the gameplay together in a package. Either plot, as others have suggested, or just more dynamic puzzles beyond the scope seen here. Or both.

You could really partner with some horror writer and get some more dynamic music to make a game for Steam greenlight. I'd love to see more done with this concept in terms of plot, more music, and more content. The horror element was definitely there.

It was a very good gimmick game. I liked how it was hard without being to over the top like
i wanna be the guy. Although It feels like it could have used some form of a storyline. Try to explain where you are why your character is there.

Also here a hint you may wanna skip the early scrolls and get the blindfold first that makes things
a lot easier.