Reviews for "Traal"

I donna like this game!!! It's boring and bad graphics!

Incredible game!
A plot was needed but the gameplay was fantastic

Played it trough. Great gameplay, needs a story.

Interesting '2d dungeons' game with a neat don't-shine-your-torch-on-monsters mechanic.

Tricky at first to figure out what to do at the first 'eye monster' then gets really tricky when there's two monsters roaming around. I thought getting the blindfold would make it easier... wrong !

Think I was lucky and completed the game fairly quick, will have to play again to get more scrolls.

Good concept - I have one quibble however, that I seem not to be able to walk in one direction and point my flashlight in another - you know the horror cliché, backing up, so keen on watching what happens behind you, that you back into some horror etc.

Other than that, this is a brilliant idea, just sneak around, avoid seeing the spooky stuff.