Reviews for "Traal"

the music is annoying

pretty cool game but it can be frustrating at times

Eerie sfx and ambient, along with the mechanic of seeing something you cannot comprehend makes you flee makes this a very creepy, challenging yet interesting puzzle game. I haven't play to the end but the moment I get a blind fold I know I had to login and give some feed back. You certainly know how to capture key horror elements and played them well. My only complain would be the timings in certain parts is no more than trial and error because you always have to face the way you're going then again, that's generally how horror games roll, you're never sure your move is the right move and you can only hope for the best, so it's not really an issue. 4 stars.

Pretty nice and fun game.
There could be although a map or at least a tutorial of guide or something.
Anyway the concept is fine.

Very good idea - simple yet almost as original as Portal. The only thing that's missing for me is at the beginning of the game a list of controls that are available initially - for couple of minutes I've been trying to switch off this damn light.
And the concept that you turn into the eye - I wasn't expecting that!