Reviews for "Wii Dare U"

Great voice acting!

that was hilarious! voice acting was great, animation was smooth, even the lips were pretty well in sync. and the third guys laugh was a work of art in itself, Bravo

Hahaha, that ending! Didn't see that one coming.

Funny little movie. Was he sitting right outside his own house or something? Since I think you have to be in a certain reach to be able to play wii u game on just the controller.

I'm not thinking of getting myself the Wii u atm, but it may change when smash bros and Zelda comes out. Still... I'm kind of sceptical to how I the controller will work this time... seeing that I needed to wave to controller in the last game. I prefer a classic controller for Zelda games...

Lol, so true; I will never buy the Wii U if I had a gun pointed to my head. Third guy's face was hilarious.