Reviews for "Wii Dare U"

My nintendo 3ds Xl could give the wi u a run for it's money in terms of weight, damn that things heavy compaired to the old game boy advanced.

Pretty good, but very very annoying. Good flash cartoon but the voice acting of the as*holes was seriously terrible, almost ruined the flash. The animation was good, the music was good and I didn`t see that ending coming, but seriously the over acting has to go.

I loved "Oh my God, he's everywhere".

BAHAHAHAHAH, laughing, BAHAHAHAHAH still laughing, your dare is shit! Anyways nice little animation but never thought anyone would make an animation supporting wii u, guess there's a lot more hate to the console than i imagined then, well, it's only natural, if it weren't for the good ol' franchises nintendo has then i think even the fanboys wouldn't want it.
Anyways just keep the rice coming.

Nice. I liked it and I love the style too.