Reviews for "Wii Dare U"

Excellent, made me laugh out loud and love the animation

Nice one. 4.5 stars.

A couple good games? More than can be said for most other consoles. Not to mention we still haven't seen any zelda, starfox, donkey kong, kirby, the new 3D mario, pikmin 3 or super smash bros yet.

I prefer creativity and fun over FPS games, which are pretty much the reason xbox sells half of the consoles that they do.

i love my wii U. I think its amaaaaazin

Nice animation, to many people demonize the system. Being a nerd and doing my homework the Wii U "should" be able to compete with the PS4 and the new Xbox (graphically). Though this really depends on developer willingness to work with the Wii U. (far fetched as it sounds)