Reviews for "Planet Defender"

Destroyed*. It is okay, but quite simple. (I am not saying that is a bad thing)

its a good game but it could be improved greatly.

Put the movements on the keyboard and its good, the music gets anoying when you play longer.

well, many aspects are very solid. you probably know that the game is not as advertised, even tho it DOES have some kick-ass cover art. Reminds me of old NES/Atari games where the cover would be like Conan riding a dragon with a half-naked babe while slaying a horde of monsters...then ya play it and of course it's just some blobs scooting around and bumping into each other, haha.

that being said, i really like this one. some parts were not so great, with MINOR aesthetic flaws (blurry game-over text). The worst part of this game is the insane difficulty. Can definitely see why you attached a medal to this one!
must say that it seems like it's possible to go the entire game without landing, as the jetpak recharges just as quickly as it drains.
some very cool pixel effects, here, also.

out of 10...

gfx - 8 (throwback to old-school industry practices)
sfx - N/A (i have no soundcard)
design - 6.5 (aesthetic flaws, limited functionality)
gameplay - 7 (fun, but no upgrades and insanely tough)

overall, this is a game that earns its charm subjectively. most people will probably go "wtf" and navigate away when they see the graphics. however, like all good games, there is an almost divine challenge in beating this one. looking forward to giving that a serious go.

Simple enough to understand
Controls were not quite intuitive; I might not have even figured them all out yet.
Very repetitive: it feels more like a damage race than an actual game, and new content is sparse, if even existent.
But perhaps there is something I'm missing; some key element that will add to my understanding of this game as a work of art.