Reviews for "Flower Rush"

Fun, addictive and challenging. I don't have the nerve to go back and collect all the stars, but I'm dismissing that on account of me not being the most meticulos person. Some extra levels being unlocked by a number of stars you have to collect might make me wanna give it more effort. Cheers!

wonderful puzzle game

like always i am the first to get the badges in da morning 4 stars great gameplay man!

I found this to be a fairly fun game. I did not think I was going to enjoy it that much seeing as how it was from someone named FlashGirlGames, but it was good. I think my favorite part is how gracefully everything is set up. The soothing music also helps a lot too. It's even cool to see how sad the bee looks when you lose. It's just an overall cute game.

The graphics weren't great, but they didn't need to be. Those are a LOT of levels. It seems like medals (hey rhymes!) are getting harder to get nowadays. There's a very nice use of colors as well. Even the name is pretty soothing.

Average, reasonably fun, but unbearably slow pace.