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Reviews for "TimeLine Runner"

I thought it was a fantastic idea-really well made and I loved the concept + the music. However, like many other reviewers, I feel like I miss out on 75 percent of the actual game due to the sheer amount of difficulty that comes with gauging how to deal with new obstacles as they come-I'm pretty good at the first 120 steps and then I have to play through it all over and over again in order to go further. A checkpoint every 100-200 steps would probably serve to make this a really solid game. Anyhow, I like it a lot-hope to see it tweaked just a bit.

This game sux,the end

Jump and time control were brilliant elements to include in the runner, and I liked the checkpoint system. Unlike others, I found the mouse controls to be difficult to use and the keyboard to work wonders, but that may just be me.

My main beef is that it's hard to tell how long one can slide or how much a jump is charged up, using either system. Maybe a meter for both in your next game could change this, or you could even add them to this game.

Obstacles were interesting, and I like the stickart. I do wish that after running for a few centuries worth, I could at least get powerups, but I suppose the minimalism is what makes it appealing as well. Still...one can wish. Haha. An excellent game that is a tad on the harder side, and that I wish had meters to help me gauge what exactly I was doing. Hope this is a fair assessment!

Now I'll be brutally honest through this review. I'm doing this on the off chance that you actually read through your comments from time to time. I will start off by saying I'm NOT an animator nor am I a game designer, I am an average joe, a gamer, and I am just the voice of opinion on the matter of your game.

It's good. Well, the idea of it is good. At times the game could be good as well, and I'll admit; it was VERY addicting to play, though I can't seem to manage to make it even a quarter of the way into the game. That being said though, this game felt like it was mixing between a runner and just a straight up artistic game meant for some sort of hidden meaning.

Both variables fell short.

The gameplay became tedious to the extent that I didn't even feel like trying to see what neat little things each century had to offer once I got to that point where the gameplay became stale. The controls WERE highly responsive, but there was no pattern with the randomly generated shapes which made the game that much more harder to play.

If this game was solely made for the challenge alone, the score would be higher.
(The game should have a difficulty meter which affects the number of checkpoints or something.)

On an artistic value, the music was nice and calming, but the sudden and common pauses from jumping completely ruined the flow of the game, and the ticking noise from jumping got more annoying with each jump.

I feel as if I missed out on a LOT because of the difficulty curve of this game, and the curve was just something I was unable to overcome. I'd suggest adding more century themed stuff, and less shapes though.

With all this in mind, you have the makings of a good game, and only a few tweaks would really be needed to make it an AWESOME game. Sorry if I'm coming off as a bit harsh, but the game really was a lot more difficult then what it should have been. This makes it fun for the gamers who like a challenge, but pretty much kills it for everyone else.

Well...its not TOO bad, but it could use some tweaks.