Reviews for "PewDiePie Commenters"

OMG PleaseDiePie has done this before! COPYRIGHT REPORTED!

First Pleasediepie and now this!
I did get just a bit lost though...

Unlike the children below, I do not like PewDiePie and this animiation captured every single one of those reasons perfectly.

I first heard of him when his fan base was discouraging people from up voting cry of fear in the steam greenlight system because it is "PewDiePie's" and no one else can play it........I had to google search why so many people were doing this and that's how I found out about PewDiePie, nothing will ever put him in good light for me (He talks like an idiot to make people laugh, wtf?)

So 5/5 for this, couldn't have put what this animation said into words so thank you.

Very funny and accurate video.


Seems pretty accurate.