Reviews for "PewDiePie Commenters"

I dont believe this video is neccessary or accurate. I understand thier are quite a few people on the internet who are annoying as shit. This does not mean that a majority of Pewdiepie fans are quite like this. There are a few trolls, spammers, QQers just like the majority of the people who rag on others, who are in general mainly trolls and should be ignored. I would appreciate if this unnecessary hating would stop.

Dude, pewdiepie is awesome!!! Most of what you said in the video is fake. I'm not sayin that u're videos aren't good, I'm just sayin it's inacurate. Please don't take this as an offense. Cuz it's not.

pewdiepie is pure cancer

I disagree and think this is unlike mostly unlike of what he does.