Reviews for "PewDiePie Commenters"

I used to watch pewdiepie for his happy wheels videos because I liked the occassional sex joke and the gore. Some of his other videos aren't bad either, but I think you hit the nail on the head with this one. Most of pewdiepie's subscribers or "bro's" are closed minded kids that insult others for either voicing an opinion or for trying to make their own gameplay videos. I respect that you didn't target pewdiepie for making his videos like pleasediepie because that would just be hypocritical, and I know you are better than that....fap.

*sees ending* um..why did they have to end it like this O_o this just disturbing...I LUV IT!

I am a Pewdiepie fan, but do not stop me here. I actually found this hilarious as this is what a lot of Pewdiepie fans are like nowadays. I am also a fan of System of a Down, look what Pewdiepie fans did! Pewdiepie put one of their songs as a outro and now all the comments on that video is "OMG PEWDDIEEEE" "YOU KNOW WHO OWNS THIS SONG, PEWDIEEE". Honestly, the top comment was, and quoted, "pewdie". They need to grow up and realize, we don't care.

I like the animation of this! Most of the "bro" fans I spoke with are like this. The age of his fans are mostly young teens too. There are only a small amount of Felix's fans that are mature and don't push other people to watch his videos. I don't like him but congratulations to him for being very successful in his youtube career.

Lol, I like your comedy style a lot. I've seen some of Pewdiepie videos, not much of a fan of his but I did like his series he has done for the Walking Dead game. Anyway, you should try doing a Tobuscus video next.