Reviews for "PewDiePie Commenters"

This is both accurate and hilarious

This pretty much describes PewDiePie fans.

Actually, he's not that bad. Please, go check him out.
Okay, okay, pretty funny, I'll admit. But honestly, I've been a bro for a year, I never turned out like those... um, I dunno how to put it. But I never accuse other people of stealing games or anything. In fact, I've been trying to STOP those people. So, not all bro's are that bad. Some who stuck around from the very beginning are actually very nice. So yeah...but still, good animation.

as a reasonable fan of Pewdipie i think your generalizing a bit but still think this is hilarious. :D 5 stars definitely. :)

Hilarious. And true. And this is coming from a PewDiePie fan.