Reviews for "PewDiePie Commenters"

i would have given this a 5 but you ruined it
by putting those freaks at the end. c'mon,
what was that for the rest was ok, that made
almost hate the video.

Animation was so-so. Audio was overbearing at points. The random "blurts" that you spaced throughout didn't work with the parody as well. There's the technical review. Personally, I congratulate you on taking the time to make a video to mock someone else's success. In the competitive world we call it jealousy and poor sportsmanship. To inflate your own career you attempt to point out someone else's flaws but in turn just point out your lack of creativity. That's why this heaping pile of dung gets a 0 and no stars. I was going to be nice and give you a 2 - but seeing as there's another parody out there for this already, I found your inability to create OC lacking and docked you for it. Hope you are clever enough to see what I did there. Doubtful.

whats with the girl screams well its cool

the ending was....something

xD I'm a Bro but I find this funny!!! I really don't know why are they so obsessed!! :/ I like your style btw!!! ^_^ (and because his half fans are idiots,doesn't mean his bad)