Reviews for "PewDiePie Commenters"

Lol, I like your comedy style a lot. I've seen some of Pewdiepie videos, not much of a fan of his but I did like his series he has done for the Walking Dead game. Anyway, you should try doing a Tobuscus video next.

SCREAMS omfg, I think I may have commented on this back when I was one of these "awful fans" of pewdiepie. But I never did half of this shit in the video, I liked this video because it's so true. and also Icant bring myself to watch any of his videos anymore.

I like the animation of this! Most of the "bro" fans I spoke with are like this. The age of his fans are mostly young teens too. There are only a small amount of Felix's fans that are mature and don't push other people to watch his videos. I don't like him but congratulations to him for being very successful in his youtube career.

Dude, you could not be more right...

Normally I don't give a shit about this pewdiepie guy, but this is pretty amusing no matter what side you're on of the hate/love I guess.