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Reviews for "Demons vs Fairyland"

Interesting game, quite amusing and certainly made me spend more hours than I expected, which is exactly what I like about TD games, and games in general.

As it is, I find the game quite enjoyable. The difficulty system is excellent, something I've seen on a couple other games, and I did enjoy it there as well. Not locking XP to higher difficulty settings is also a good move that caters for casual and hardcore player alike.

Perhaps a sequel could be done, as I certainly would like to see a sequel, maybe with hero units (unique units) with a longer spawn time but with triggerable skills (magic/melee, depending on the hero).

Congrats on your work and I do hope you continue producing more and better, as this is a clear indication of your talent.

Awesome. Its similar to Kingdom Rush one of my favorite games.

Almost the same game like Kingdom Rush

Great graphic, balanced difficulty, super sounds.
While I wasnt a big fan of Cursed Treasure the elements you took from it work rather nicely with the mechanics from Kingdom Rush which is a really great game on its own. The humour was subtle and charming, I guess the biggest criticism would be that it is too short.

I played this game before and it is VERY Addicting.It's like kingdom rush BUT with its own special flavor.Unfortunately the game has a major bug in it asking to download the latest adobe flash so people cant get to really enjoy the game.*sigh*