Reviews for "Arachnotorious - Ep 1"

What have we here?
Straight away, I love the concept. Fantastic concept.

Nothing too special or eye-catching(unless you're like me and adore spiders).
The art is on-par and not painful, as is the animating, which was pretty neatly done. The audio is light an amusing, which fits well with the animation as a whole.

One bother, however, was that there was a very clear difference between the background art and the animated art.
Whilst neither were bad, the two styles did conflict and were very detached from each other. This made it seem like the animation was just pasted over a stock image.

Another issue was that when using the Newgrounds' stretch screen function, the animation was very pixellated. I don't know if this is just the way the function works, or if it is because the animation was done at too small of a size. I am unfamiliar with how this all works.
If it is because of animation/image sizes, I suggest making the art at a higher size/resolution.

Oh, and a replay button would be awesome. :3

Aside from that, all-in-all this was amusing and a great start to what I hope is just Episode 1 of many.

P.S. The final image made me laugh quite loudly. I love it.

DragoonFenix15 responds:

That's an interesting criticism about the backgrounds not matching the foreground. For me, that was intentional because I wanted the characters to stand out from the background. But in a good way, not a bad way :) I tend not to like doing backgrounds in Flash (I do mine in Photoshop, then import to Flash) - the vectory Flash look comes off as cheap to me unless a bunch of texture is scribbled on, but then it becomes busy and distracting.

Thanks for taking the time to write such direct comments!

Very short, but colorful and thematically different than the usual fare here. I can forgive the lack of a pre-loader and a replay button (right-click rewind works), because care was taken creating all aspects of the piece.
Huh, I was growed up when I joined NG in those wild-west days of yore. How's my life now compared to 2001? 9/11 was the catalyst for a steady stream of suckiness, that extends to this day, sry to say.

I loved the idea about this and it definitely made me smile (I love the Ren and Stimpy soundtrack! It suits it well!) but its just ... TOO ... short! A few more sketches would have helped convey this man's horrible luck!

DragoonFenix15 responds:

Truth be told, this is part of a larger short with multiple gags and skits. But I am determined to provide a new short or two every month, so I split it up into a one-gag-per-short basis. Once I get a few finished I may submit them as one long movie with redone sound as a "special edition" though. :)