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Reviews for "Elf Story"

I have yet to figure out how to get up, but I think your ad technique is genius. Making clicking the ad so you get money into a minigame to me was just brilliant.

Good on ya mate.

how do i dodge this asshole after the shop with the badass spider

so fun a little hard but who doesnt like a challenge

This is a really great (and trolling) flash game. It has everything: magic, gore, epicness and stupidity. It could be perfect.
1) When you get all the weapons and secrets you get the same "Did you get all the achievements? I doubt it!". Why?
2) I can hit the tree in the fourth stage to get the dead bird infinite times, I will get the same dead bird.
3) Will you develop a similar game, but longer? :)

mexipino responds:

1.) Hmmn... maybe the game deserves an alternate end screen :)
2.) Good catch, I'll check that out.
3.) Maaaaaaybe >:D

this is a very fun game i've done all but two things find bird poop and kll myself with the rock how do i do either of those also great hints on the controler kills fighting game imputs very nice