Reviews for "Elf Story"


good game and it doesnt have any glitches so for the people who said that it have glitches you just have to know how to play it.

PD: I beated the game like 6 times and I dont find the bird poop can someone help me?

very good i tryed kill the last boss it took 30 mins to find how to kill him i got him in the head like 6 times or so or try click his balls when to open to an attack

Although i had some troubles with the difficulty, I indeed enjoyed this game. I wish we were able to see the rest of the story, but hopefully you'll release another episode soon!

And yes, the Ogre battle is pretty complicated since you need precise timing on the clicks, because if you start a clickfest, sometimes the animation for the hero will repeat itself and you'll only get yourself killed.

Nice music and great animation, keep up the great job!

mexipino responds:

Thanks yo!

Yes, a sequel will definitely be released. I'll work on a few things that people complained about, and hopefully, make it an experience that almost everyone can enjoy.

I amused the game. Especially when something fell on his head. 100% complete. Thanks for playing.