Reviews for "Elf Story"

It looks like a lovely game, runs smoothly.
First I'd like to say I love point and click games and I can deal with the frustration of puzzles etc however this game was frustrating in an entirely different way.
Would be nice to be able to turn off the music as that got irritating fast.
As for the game play itself, I got to the first quick time event and stopped on the screen after.
Controls need to be made clear, saying it's point and click is great but this wasn't just clicking it was dragging so when it came to quick time I wasn't sure if I click or drag where the arrow appeared (at the last minute on my second try, this should of appeared straight away with a nice helpful click here, I'm not psychic and there was no tutorial or mention of quick time events) which of course lead to dying unnecessarily.
Having to click everything twice to interact with it got old fast, if I just wanted to walk somewhere I wouldn't specifically click on that item (which also happened to be the only clickable thing in that area).
Areas that needed to click were to specific (next to the leaf for example) that it became less about thinking through what I could do to solve something and more about scanning areas to find the clickable things.
I'm not sure if this was done on purpose but the screen to the right (that triggers quick time) wouldn't allow me to go back to where I came from, that's when I jacked it in as I knew I had not picked up an item I would probably need in the future, the story may of taken me back to that screen eventually but I didn't feel the urge to spend time finding out.

Elvilicious :D
i like Links evil twin ;)

Awesome game,love the artwork.

I found the artwork and animation really good but it was hard to get used to the controls.

Cool Graphics.TeamYou ROCK!!!!!