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Reviews for "Elf Story"

All the orge freakin do is spam punches and when you reach back the point. You are freakin mashed up like a potato. Very time consuming when retry.

This game is awesome in many ways, but its SO glitchy and unresponsive it can barely be considered a beta test at this point. I cant wait til a debugged version hits the front page!

this game is sort otherwise its awesome

pretty cool, could be a bit longer(more bosses, etc) a little repetitive but very imaginative, I like the challenge.

I'm glad you like your animations, but let me tell you: They do not bear too much repetition, and your game causes precisely that. And it's not really an adventure when there's only ever one thing you can click. *Welcome to a film about a little kid who shuffles around, pretending Zelda is real. Please click the appropriate area of the screen to advance the film. That is all.*