Reviews for "Cool Story Bro"

Pure awesomeness-in-a-can.

This was so cute. I love how much I love Grimwald. Although a lot of the dialogue and narration was really fun and well done, my favorite is still the simple "Grimwald!! :'(" when you get separated. Good stuff.

And you're awesome to have added new control options for those who were struggling with the original setup. You're great.

I absolutely love the concept and execution. Music, 5/5. Graphics, 5/5. Story, 5/5. My only real problem was the controls, 2/5. The game is dialogue heavy, which worked, but pushing through all the screens was difficult. I'm not sure if the auto"next" was supposed to make that easier, but it wasn't auto-ing anything for me so it was still tedious. Either fix that feature or change the next button to something easier to reach from the WASD position, like shift or space twice. Overall, 4.5/5. GREAT GAME!

kind of short but it was prety cool... love the end music

Very fun! I love all the various branches and stuff. A few comments, though:

1. I find having to click to change scenes kind of irritating when everything else can be done via keyboard?

2. Was it really necessary to make the very end text so flashy? I'm photosensitive and really did not see it coming after the rest of the game lacked anything that strobey (in the paths I took, anyway.)

jdproductions321 responds:

Thanks for the feedback. You're right in that the mouse/keyboard dynamic wasn't executed to well, but I did my best to minimize the damage.

I'll put a warning in the description about the flashing stuff. Thanks for bringin it to my attention