Reviews for "Cool Story Bro"

Fun little game. I did find the controls awkward, even with the 1...2...3 thing. Music was fun though and I enjoyed the story.

I wondered a bit on the fact that the name "Jasmine" was considered strange by the wizard. Is the main character presumed to be male?

Another parody of a words: "Cool Story Bro"
Kewl Stury Bru. DON'T EVER TELL ME AGAIN! :P Still good game

cool story bro

p.s. this is a good game

i killed it.....with a seed wtf

p.s this is a cool and funny game

At some continue points I reached a point where it was impossible to pass. For example, by continuing in the cave with the 3 imps, if you haven't picked up a weapon before entering the cave it is impossible to continue from that point. FFS give me more than 0.0001 second to let me READ the freaking options before telling me 'too slow you're dead!'