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You ... Shall not .... PASS!! ...........


Cool Story Bro!!

ps. No idea about the secret medals T.T

I hated the first 10 seconds of this, then loved the rest of them. Cool Story Bro.

fun and funny wow

Well, to be honest, I stopped playing shortly after entering the Desert town "Gisbee". The retro graphics fit well enough, and I really did like the story...maybe I'm just too tired now. I will say that this feels more like an interactive short story than an actual game. Given the title, I guess that's to be expected.

Let's see...first, I didn't like the font or cheesy glow around the options. Modern font is out of place, and glow didn't blend well. Codeman38 made some cool retro fonts some years ago, http://www.zone38.net/font/

And, if game mechanics affect story...then I must say that the way the wizard followed you around was sort of awkward. I felt more like I was "swinging" him around, dragging really, rather than he was following me. Could be that he doesn't really have a walk cycle when following, or that he is literally grouped with the player MC or whatever.

Too many tunes, dude! I don't think most people will notice, and it just takes up more loading time. Side-comments include the running speed could be somewhat quicker and I don't really understand why a seperate button is needed for "auto-next". As someone with large hands, this is easy enough for me, but others may be frustrated by the awkward tedium of switching between distant keys and mouse.

i feel uncomfortable giving a rating to this one, as I didn't play it long but still wanted to provide feedback...so please know that much...

out of 10...

gfx - 7.5 (good style, some confusion)
sfx - 6 (good BGM choices, just too many)
design - 7 (pacing could be quicker)
gameplay - 6.5 (didn't feel immersed)

overall, this isn't bad...in fact I like it! Perhaps it's just not my speed, or preferred style. I do not feel engaged, lack of items....lack of puzzles....it's just point-a to point-b, and most of the multiple choice pathways seem fairly linear.

An excellent second title, tho, and I think it would be very popular amongst more avid readers than I.

jdproductions321 responds:

Thanks for the review! I'll see what I can do with those proposed fixes.

lots of music many medals
i also realy like how the game looks and that you can play the game again whit a different path.
there is realy put some work in this and the difficulty is very balanced

a amazing game
i cant find anything about it i dont like.