Reviews for "Cool Story Bro"

This really was a pretty cool story bro! XD No matter the same tale being told from a plethora of different angles, and most options leading to dead ends: it was an entertaining adventure, with plenty of small tidbits of dialog and entertaining interactivity along the way. Some unconventional twists to the expected adventure too. Nice work!


Really good and engaging for a second game...

Good game! A couple technical suggestions for the next one:

Use the Enter key to enter the next room instead of clicking the arrow with the mouse- kind of a hassle for those of us with sucky mouses or scrolling pads.

Use Enter to super fast-forward through conversations. Having to click through a conversation you already listened to is a pain! Also there should be an autosave at the dead end.

Also please to be making another game... ^^

jdproductions321 responds:

Those are really great points. Thank you for your constructive criticism. These are the kind of comments which help lead to better games :)

Cool Story Bro

Rainbow dust enema was a bad idea?