Reviews for "Incoming! Again"

Good shoot-the-crap-out-of-everything game.
Not difficult but keeps you engaged juggling between grenades and guns.
Didn't seem to be able to choose my own set of weapons tho... one you've bought one it is allocated automatically to one of the 4 weapon slots.

Great graphics and lots of explosions (esp. at the end), game worked well.

EEEEEEPIC GAME IS EPIC loved every bit of it! also fionished 3rd on highschores..

This was way more fun than the first one. Loved the new weapons.

holy shixnit the calliope is like launching a bunch of mini nukes all at once its such a bad@$$ weapon

Awesome game! It does have several drawbacks, but I enjoyed it very much, enough for 4.5 stars :) It is quite well-balanced, has nice graphics, and the weapon switching while reloading or for different enemies makes things interesting.
- Weapon descriptions are somewhat lacking: no special features are specified (like the Winchester being a shotgun with multiple shots), only basic statistics, and even these don't include accuracy for example. They're also not available while playing, but most important I think is a description, so that I know what I'm buying - especially since I can't select the previous weapon anymore...
- I think I got the victory screen after day 18... And there was a Continue button, so I pressed it and got a super-difficult level which I failed several times. So I quit to the main menu, planning to get back to it tomorrow or something, but only saw New Game and Survival options, i.e. my progress was not saved. Disappointing! Good thing I finished the game in one sitting.