Reviews for "G.P.S. Ep 2?"

i have a feeling u've seen panty and stocking with garterbelt along with tenchi muyo. but all in all it was pretty funny

At first I thought it was shit, but after I watched it 'till the end, I must say that this is one of the most amazing fight scenes I ever saw in a newgrounds animation. Well done! What ruined it at the beginning was the voice action that was not clear and therefor hard to understand. Also, some parts were too long (when she was whining), as others were too short. I found very amusing the eye contact thing. That was original and inspired. Well done.


Kel-chan responds:

I was waiting for someone to say that! =D

This is a Absolutely Amazing, I like the Anime type style and was executed well, but could use a little more work, voice acting was good, but could be better in some areas. The music was great, but i think it was too much, and should be held back for the fight scene. OH! and the references was a nice touch.

i couldnt pay attention because of the awesome music.