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Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

Great at first, but after 45 minutes I'm getting bored of the repetition. Not a lot more to say that hasn't already been said in the other reviews.

Well, let's see, this game is great. I like it a lot. The problem I've found with it, and it's becoming a problem more and more common on newgrounds, is that it's too easy. Within 2 hours I beat it and within another half an hour later I had all the achievements.

Excellent graphics and great game mechanic although the problem is that the rock-paper-scissors strategy gets old and there is literally NO replay value. Most strategy defense games have a rock paper scissors system but there is much more too them. For example, the Epic War series. There is certainly a rock-paper-scissors element in that game but the thing is; I could choose to ONLY use paper if I wanted to. Although there would obviously be disadvantages, the fact remained that I could specialize in only a couple different unit types to hone my specific strategy. I have always been the high speed/high damage - low hp, low defense kind of guy. We all know the advantages and disadvantages of operating that way however that's just what I like to do. All I'm asking for is some options. In this game; there are none. Therefor, there is no replay value because there is no possible other way that this game could be played.

Next time you should consider a limited number of unit slots and twice the amount of units. You should also consider an upgrade tree for the general [yourself] that would include unlocking unit slots, command formations, party buffs, etc.

I rated it 3.5 because of the excellent graphics and initial playability. This game really hooks you in... so much in fact that by time you realize that this game isn't as good as you thought you are a little over half way through and it keeps you just long enough to finish it.

The game mechanic is really well done and easy to operate. The problem is that it is too easy offering no options, simple-one sided strategy, and NO reason what-so-ever to play this game again.

I feel very generous offering 3.5/5 but again; very good graphics ;]

it's ok... nothing new or special to it...

It's very repetitive but the point isn't to watch every battle entirely to use the special skills, just mute the sounds and switch to another tab while it takes place, repeat until you have all the units with good upgrades. There's a glitch with the dark mages, until the fourth group gets to the front line, the apocalypse bombing will hit too far ahead.

It could use an auto-charge option and some faster rewards towards mid-game in my opinion. other than that, a good way to spend an hour!