Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

I LOVE this game. I'm currently playing with just the goblins and skeleton archers and warriors, but I'm already completely wrapped up in the whole thing. Also, big props to SoS! Lovely music.

I had plenty of fun with this

I don't know what to think about this game. Looks pretty good, but I find that the strategy is almost absent, you just keep attaccking again and again until you gain all the upgrades.
For me, there are too few upgrades.
I don't get why the charge is a choose: if it bring a lot of bonuses with no drawback, why don't simple always charging?
The bigger problem is that you run in the same way with the same enemies, so you do almost the same tactical decisions every battle.
I didn't like also the fact that you can have only a ploton of each unit: how about give a limited number of slots where you can put what you want? This will add a lot of strategy and personalization.
This, and a levels-based gameplay istead of only a road, imho will make this game a big 5 stars.

this is an awesome game. its pretty easy too. love the game. keep upgrading it

very nice but at the same time VERY grindy. wasted a good couple hours getting from day 22 to day 28.