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Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

Firstly,this game really is really visually appealing from every characters' designs to the background.
Secondly,there is a variety of units with their own special abilities and upgrades,gving the game replayability value and addictiveness along with the 'fun' of watching weaker enemies being smashed in battle(only if there was more gory effects like heads and limbs being cut off and screams of agony just to make the battles more realistic.)
Thirdly,it is a good thing that after every mini battle,the player is able to change the battle formation instead of having it fixed although it could be better if the player is allowed to use multiple units from one type like two groups of skeleton archers,for example as it seems that the game does not have this option.
Lastly,'Gold Digger' is an interesting perk that works like a kind of life insurance for the humans except that extra money is earned by the units who killed them which then be used for upgrades and more bloodshed(Who ever thought insurance could be handy even on a battlfield?)There could be more perks like a frenzy mode in which every unit type attacks the enemy(just an idea.)
Overall,this is one awesome game with much effort and time clearly put into it and it is a good use for medals too.

This game is insanely great!

The only thing missing for a perfect score is an engaging story.

Game looks superb, graphics and battle animations are great.
Controls work well, the swapping of formation lines during battle is a nice touch.

Trouble was at day 19, 890 feet advanced, I just got bored with it. After getting 4 types of troops and upgrading 'em there was no real incentive to play the same battles three or more times just to get enough cash to afford the next level of troops to go through the same thing again.

Not sure what to suggest really, maybe some variety in the battles would help ?

So Simple. And yet fucking amazing. This shit makes heroine seem like a non addicting substance.