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Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

Enjoyed the game but it takes quite long time to beat.

This was a pretty amazing game. The idea of switching units to counter is simple yet fun. The diffculty curve also was pretty good. I beat it at day 35 pretty easily. It was a lot of fun to use every trick and spell in your arsenal to last as long as possible. I actually went up against the Titan 3 times haha. He was a tough nut to crack.

However there is ONE pretty big problem that cost you a star, the controls. Switching formations gets very akward with the drag and drop system in place, especially when your army gets larger. When I rapidly bring melee troops to the front, my ranged troops get pushed back and I have to quickly reorder everything. If you ever make a squeal or update this game I HIGHLY recommend allowing you to "Lock" positions and implementing hot keys. For example, I allow users to lock the Skeleton Archers, Chamans, and Darkmages in rows 2-4, then let them quickly switch off row 1 with the appropriate melee unit. Other that this one issue the game was very well constructed.

either i havent found the secret or it is rather difficult and especially repetitive to earn gold ... i really like the upgrade and system, the high number of totally different units and their special abilitys. very solid game!


It's good, why isn't this on the front page as featured games? It's entertaining, it's creative, and it's diverse. Being able to change rows to accommodate certain situations was a nice touch to this game and each monster having its own unique skill was neat. The mechanics were fine and smooth, the music also goes quite well with the game. I have little complaint for this one. 4.5 stars because i feel it's slightly repetitive.

Did you seriously give this game a 3 because not every monster you wanted was in it?
Why don't you go list the entire fucking monster encyclopedia from dungeons and dragon while you're at it in your review? This is a decent game that deserves well over a 3 star. (Putting in consideration of difficulty of producing a game)
There's 10 units available for a player to use which is more than the average flash game offers while the enemy has 8 different units that aren't just copy and paste of the same design with minor differences. Every part of this game is colorfully design to appeal, enough to notice that at least this game deserved better.