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Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

Well, I will say that this game is very addicting...initially. Everything seems balanced, the graphics look good, and it appears that we're in for quite an epic conquest. Playing as the bad guy, I feel unrestrained and...cool! The "titan" unit and it's evil counterpart are great as capstones.

However, the more I played this one, the more it felt like an "idle-style" game...where it's more about waiting than it is about playing. Waiting to play, I suppose. The army upgrades screen was the most fun for me, but after a few runs of just grinding out gold...I felt sort of groggy.

Could be my slower, older system w/ half a gig of RAM and a somewhat-wimpy video card...or it could be that the game seems to grind to almost a halt after your first few upgrades. The sweet 3D graphics aren't as lush or engaging as they first were...enemy units growing stale and the gaps in true strategy beginning to poke through.

However, I think this definitely appeals to the casual gamer. Graphics style is very ambitious, many of the effects are great. Sound quality is somewhat lacking and may contribute to that previously-mentioned "groggy feeling".

out of 10...

gfx - 8.5 (ambitious 3D, but grows repetitive)
sfx - 6 (overall lack of depth, quality, and vibrancy)
design - 8 (I don't feel "cheated" out of my gaming experience)
gameplay - 7 (engaging at first, lackluster in progression)

overall, this is a fun game. Don't get me wrong, there's a lot to enjoy and plenty of humans to mangle with wicked baddies. The overall appeal of the tactics may leave many wanting more, but at the heart is a great design that's probably the best by this author we've seen so far. This is an author who has been with Newgrounds since 2008 or so, and has a large catalog of games released in that time-span.
As a sidenote, I have to doubt the integrity of a game that places you in the role of the evil villain, without an option to play the other side. I have said before that Infectionator is just a Suicide Machine Simulator. I stand by that, and maybe I am just boring but found that merciless slaying of endless peasants wasn't a...satisfying conquest to glory.

I enjoyed this one, but might have liked to see a more socially-conscious theme and the inclusion of a quality-toggle for players on slower machines.

that is awsome

Amazing game, 5/5 for certain. Got all the achievements, finishing on day 44.. for anyone playing through don't worry about getting all the achievements before you win, it lets you play afterwards, so just focus on the three time-limited ones.

With the end boss, an apocalypse spell cast as soon as you see him goes a long way. It's tempting to cast it on the horde of 60 guys that appears before him, but save it.

Here was my combo if anyone is interested:
Shamans-Archers-Priests-Demon-Cursed Knights-Werewolves-Fighters-Skeletons -Goblins.

Use the suicide bombers when you're facing a bad matchup such as the blue guys vs werewolves, or madmen vs your cursed knights.

One thing that would have been nice, as a note for the developer - having to make 2 clicks to use abilities (once on the unit pic and then again on the ability) was very clunky UI design, ideally just having them all on-screen to click once to use them would have been better.Adding hotkeys for them as well would also have been great.

Really nice :) More cartoonish graphics would've been nice.

A nice change of pace with all the RPG/Fighting games out there. Easy to understand (especially with the tutorial) and play. And is that 'God of War' music playing when I lose the battle and the enemy advances? Wait, the whole games sounds the soundtrack, haha! It's all good though. You got it from one great game! Looking forward to a sequel, if one to be in the works. The only thing I suggest implementing/changing is adding more levels to upgrading.