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Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

I was not very much into this at first. I just found it weird because there were so many instructions so it was hard to keep track of everything. I then realized it was easier than that. You just had to command your units, that is until they died. I managed to get the first medal at least. I thought the graphics were decent, but still a little "off".

What I mean is that they looked kind of weird. The faster speed didn't seem all that different to me. The music was quite triumphant. The details for the environments were good too. It would be silly of me to ask that the game be simpler.

Decent graphics and animation.

It gets very repetitive after a time - you always have to defeat the same 'easy" waves before you can get to the more challenging ones, which is very boring. Maybe you could have added "checkpoints" to allow the player to start at a later point?

More critically, the "drag and drop" method of changing your formation in battle does not always work properly. Sometimes the circles demarcating your different groups don't properly follow the mouse cursor, and "get lost" off the edge of the screen. You have to click several times to release, then start over. This is NOT a good thing to have happen in a critical battle. Also, your groups don't always seem to drop in the position where they're supposed to be. Furthermore, many of the icons indicating your different units types look too similar to each other. For example, the Demon and underworld warriors.

Enjoyed playing this enough to play until the very end.
More units would improve the complexity of this game, and anything else you could think of.
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I doubt I did the best, but lol. Beaten in 39 days.

i think you should make a card game out of this i mean like magic the gathering make the monsters on the card appear like they are fighting like goblin warrior card vs peasant card :D

Here we have Battle for Darkness , a "strategy" game that has more in common with games like Toss The Turtle, where you try to go as far as you can, upgrade, go farther, rinse, repeat until 5 hours of your life is spent on one Newgrounds game. Graphically it looks alright, nothing out of the ordinary for QiGames, though it's nothing spectacular. And I have to say that whatever field the game takes place in is the longest one in existence. The sound effects and music aren't great either, and they practically tried to be cliche. Don't get me wrong, for what they tried to do it sounded good, but there was no real originality in it. I ended up muting it and turning on gospel music (for some reason) and it fit just as well. But presentation is just a nice bonus for a game, it's all about how it plays and how fun it is. So is it entertaining?
Well, sort of
You see, like I said the game shares elements with games such as Toss The Turtle where gameplay primarily centers on upgrades and luck, but seeing as this is supposed to be a strategy game it kind of defeats the purpose when you have no real control of what your units do outside special abilities, instead the game has you running towards....something while your constantly stopped by the same seven enemies, in the same order, over and over again. If they'd randomized the order of your foes it might've helped the games case but for now it simply comes down to trial and error. You can rearrange members of your army, but I never used it because once you find a half decent order to do things you will never rearrange it. And then there's the Charge system, which bothers me more than it should. After a battle, you have like 10 seconds to earn some money and distance before more enemies show up, and by clicking charge during this time you go faster, farther, and gain more money, but it brings up the serious question of WHY WOULDN'T YOU CHARGE? Especially seeing as it takes up the exact same amount of time as just walking.
I'm sure there'll be people who can look past these flaws and enjoy the game as a whole, but I simply didn't. Your time is better spent somewhere else.
Please keep in mind, this is my opinion, so please don't down vote it because you disagree.