Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

The main problem with this game is that it takes too long for things to get strategic.

There are a lot of people complaining, and ALMOST rightly so, that there is no strategy instead just luck. But this isn't true, due to the fact that without proper care and strategy you simply cannot beat the game. However, it IS true until about day 30 (or so I don't remember, but quite late nevertheless) where you are suddenly hit by a wall. 'This counters this but may be put to better use here, but wait, I have to time it so this ability is ready for this wave, is it worth my demon taking damage here? Why the fack does the meteor ability last so dam long?' and other thoughts crossed my mind while replacing 'wow this cannot be the game *continues to farm and slowly upgrade units with no real thought process*' quite suddenly and late into the game.

But if a player manages to drudge through the early stages, I think they may find a bit of challenge and enjoyment out of this, because at the end of the day it really isn't a super easy game to beat.

I really did like the art and animations, however I had the sound muted so I can't comment on that.

The UI and info section isn't the best, I found it a little disorganised and inaccessible and while info was easy to find, it lacked a few pieces. It confused me for a long while as to the purpose of the charge button... I wasn't sure if we got an offencive bonus or defencive debuff or ANYTHING. I failed to see a point considering the fights were simply winnable or not until much later, where it was far more useful to delay a little bit. Also it bothered me that rate of fire and actual numbers pertaining to abilities, such as cooldowns and lengths were not put into the info section, I mean, while they are described fairly well (the underworld fighters is clear but at first I wasn't sure if it resurrected them or they had to die while active, or if the demons ability was single target or AOE), I like to actually know the numbers, but I digress, I am quite finicky with UIs and info and I seldom see ones I like, one that really feels easy to read, is organised and easily accessed yet detailed and non intrusive.

But alas, it's a solid game if not a little slow... the 'fast' speed could do with a 'faster' brother option 'cuz there really isn't a lot to do early on in the game.

there is a lot I could say but it all been said no need to repeat it
my main problems are
1) speed up did not work (I did not feel the difference )
2) an easy mode would have been nice
3) the ending .it took me 2 days to beat this game(yeah I know I suck ) I put in many hours and after like 60 tries I beat it and all i get is a single line of dialogue? (are there multiple endings would it end better if I did not suck ?) I did not feel like I was in charge of evil army it could have used more story
4) demon can only hit the center of the stage, long range units are only good for their special skills, and for some reason last enemy unite down south often survived holding up my advance and i had to sit and watch my 2 guys from my 20 guy line up fight him as my buffs ran out of time
5) this only happened once so its not a big thing but all melee unites stopped I waited for meteor to charge up I used it and it went back to normal

I was not very much into this at first. I just found it weird because there were so many instructions so it was hard to keep track of everything. I then realized it was easier than that. You just had to command your units, that is until they died. I managed to get the first medal at least. I thought the graphics were decent, but still a little "off".

What I mean is that they looked kind of weird. The faster speed didn't seem all that different to me. The music was quite triumphant. The details for the environments were good too. It would be silly of me to ask that the game be simpler.

Decent graphics and animation.

It gets very repetitive after a time - you always have to defeat the same 'easy" waves before you can get to the more challenging ones, which is very boring. Maybe you could have added "checkpoints" to allow the player to start at a later point?

More critically, the "drag and drop" method of changing your formation in battle does not always work properly. Sometimes the circles demarcating your different groups don't properly follow the mouse cursor, and "get lost" off the edge of the screen. You have to click several times to release, then start over. This is NOT a good thing to have happen in a critical battle. Also, your groups don't always seem to drop in the position where they're supposed to be. Furthermore, many of the icons indicating your different units types look too similar to each other. For example, the Demon and underworld warriors.

Enjoyed playing this enough to play until the very end.
More units would improve the complexity of this game, and anything else you could think of.
All time high: 2244
My score: 3087
I doubt I did the best, but lol. Beaten in 39 days.