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Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

Way to mutch grinding for money, what you need to do is at 500 Ft All money is gained at 1.5 speed and at 1k feet 2x speed and so on. Then at wave 5 you should give 50 extra gold wave 10 100, so ion. Other than that very smooth animation well drawn, though a different background would be nice, i turned sound on for few minutes and it was good. Seems to be very little stratefy needed in the first 20 waves since you don't have mutch of a choice between units, though what makes no sense is my archers were last unit alive vs 5 other archers that were about 4/4 dead and the enenmy archers still somehow won.

2897 and cant upload my score thats shit man, besides that its a good game but like others said before it takes to long to reach a decent level, still like to see more of your work in the future, cause I enjoyed it for 2 days

This dragging stuff doesn't work so well

An excellent game by many standards
Music and graphics are excellent, but the game play is slightly lacking:

1-The enemy waves are fixed making it predictable and repetitive
(I would suggest adding a random modifier to choose the level and number of advanced units per wave, also this could make the game scale up with the gamer rather than having to fight through the same waves over and over again, especially when they're much weaker than you)

2-What if i don't want to use goblins, what if i prefer to send 40 skeleton warriors rather than 20 warriors, 20 goblins
(It would be nicer if we had full control over the army, with an army size limit, or skill limit, goblins are only truly useful in the first few waves then they die immediately, maybe expand the legion size upgrade and give the option to manually fill legions, which can add the option of mixing units such as using Underworld fighters and Werewolves in the same legion to counter most opposition)

I overall this is a great game, but I'm only giving you 4.5 due to the feeling of repetition

The game is very Diablo-esc and the art style reeks of early-days Activision. I have to say, the mix of photo-realism pictures and animation doesn't feel right to me. As a first impression the game looks very mundane and boring. The ability to shuffle your army depending on the upcoming unit is very interesting. Adds more skill into the game.
I could easily see this game getting boring, repetitive, and stale.

Again, Like Feefi said, randomly spawning enemies could be good for the game and make the 'shuffle' ability more used.
I would give it a 4/5 but after playing I don't think it deserves one, 3/5