Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

wonderfull game one of the best iv ever played i have already played this on armorgames.com and i loved it then but i have to say on this one it was a TON less laggy and it had many less gliches

Like everyone has really said, It is very repetitive. BUt it def is fun being the evil :P
I found myself playing around with placement of my units but its usually warriors in front til soldiers and switch with another... But ya know :P
Still fun ^.^

i very much enjoyed this game! Only down sides are grinding to get that gold for the next unit you needs and it gets a little meh on the later levels. ( I solved this last issue by playing for an hour then coming back to it a few days latter.

I would love to see a random element to the attacking wave and PLEASE! A unit that can heal!

This is an alright game, but it's a better concept. As is already said, the game play is slow moving and gets boring. I think this is due to the repetitive nature of the game, it begins to feel like grinding very quickly. Although there are a lot of elements to upgrade, I found myself just using the same squad placement algorithm over and over; until I could afford the next upgrade. It is my opinion this could be alleviated by dividing the waves into separate levels, acting sort of like check points. Another option, I think, would be to add a random element to the waves. For this pseudo "random wave generator", perhaps isolating the types and number of enemies available for a wave would keep difficulty constant; these values would change after a certain number of waves have been completed, to increase the difficulty factor. This would make the game much much less repetitive.

allright, i found this pretty fun, but not perfect, nothing is though.

the game was very very slow and a little booring at times because of it. i often found myself turning onto another tab and letting my soldiers duke it out to earn money to upgrade everyone.

the game would have been much better if it was a little more action oriented, but it made up for this by having the charecters and thier strengths/weaknesses not being linear, forcing you to switch teams around often, but i would have found it much better if it switched a little more because lower classes become entirely useless later on. i was a little interested in the plot, it was very mediocre, but thats usualy flashgames in general, but the ending... there wasnt one "congrats you invaded, hoorah"

all in all, slower then i woulda prefered, not as strategic as i woulda prefered, nut sufficiently entertaining to get me to stick to it, plot was awfull. 6/10