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Reviews for "Battle for Darkness"

I really like the Stone-Paper-Scissor principe and the artwork is pretty nice, too.
Just running over same 100 metres for 100 times can get boring, but the addicting style makes up for that.
4 / 5

Super addicting, nice work! I do wish, however, that the running of the good guys could be minimized a bit. Also, I have to echo someone below who said they couldn't submit their score..3024!!

Last thing - not sure if it's newgrounds or not, but I had some of the medals, and then they went away...

Great graphics, and cool powers. Fun times, thanks!



pretty great game, very addictive and plenty of good combos to explore... my one complaint would be the frequent waiting... the first run its cool to see the enemy soldiers running past yours, but this gets old very quickly. another point where i feel you should not have a wait is just after killing a batallion. I'm using the goblin's gold boost ability, and find that i end up wasting quite a bit of time on the counter because im unable to move for 3-4 seconds after killing all enemies. Other than these things, great game... hope to see more in the future.