Reviews for "Rubble"


The only critique i can give you is if it were me the gas mask hose would be a bit higher apart from that perfect!

Tommy-Gun responds:

Thanks, I'll try to make my future gas mask hoses better!

Awsome,Awsome, and more AWSOME!

great pic man.one of your best other than your tommy gun weapon.Hit me back.

Tommy-Gun responds:



man u need to get a gun and equip that guy! come on now! what are u thinking

Tommy-Gun responds:

Probably should, but I'm too lazy now. Thanks for the idea tho!

cool! tht was pretty cool man

can you make one where thiers like some creepy masked psyco? and thier are dead ppl in background? and the killer has an axe?? plz??? (gives "bambie eyes")

lol any way thiers my idea happy new years!

sighned: YOUR GOD ERIK

Tommy-Gun responds:

I don't know, I like masks and stulff, but axes are not really my thing. If I were to draw something like that, the killer would have a big knife. Like, the size of your arm big.


Dude, this is the epic summit of awesomeness in art. you are my hero. I can't fault anything.

Tommy-Gun responds:

Wow. Thanks!