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Reviews for "Evangelion in a Nutshell"

This made me LOL so hard i woke up my neightbours. But then i remembered how great evangelion was and that u can make like ten thousand jokes more, like when Azuka almost screamed F**k me to Shinji and he almost ran away, also u can dig into the creepiness the serie had sometimes, and posible reactions different people would had watching this. I give u 3 stars and promise u 5 if u make the watermellon 's shell version

Right on.

While i was watching evangelion I was almost tempted to yell at the screen "quit being a giant baby and go pilot your super cool robot". Shinji was the biggest wuss ever to be the protaganist of an anime.

Really really good voice acting! Can't comment on story consistency because I haven't watched Evangelion. Animation was nothing new, but consitent and competent.

lol ???

due thats what i thought of the show