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Reviews for "Evangelion in a Nutshell"

Because I'm not big into anime my friend tried to get me to watch this series. After five years or so I finally sat down and watched the movies with him as he narrated. From what I can gather this animation is true to form.

I get that Evagagagala made anime violent, edgy and changed everything for Anime. However, still watch Bebop over it any day of the week. Even Katilsday and that's not even for realz.

I think this fits better as a "how it should of ended" kind of thing. Either way, i lol'd.

That is a bizzare interpretation of the plot. Only a small scene within a fairly large plot. Although from what I have seen of that scene (ahem.), he was not so much scared of piloting as much as scared of waring with others. His personality was essentially that of a pacifist, being a young student and all. But that is the way of similar stories. Must have your underdog who doesn't seem a match for the role. Pretty much like Star Wars or any movie with a hero in it. In fact nearly all films, anime etc will have similar issues. Just my two cents.
However nonsensical the cartoon is, its funny. So props to you!


I love how you got everyone's character down PERFECTLY. Especially Gendo.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Still, got a good laugh out of it.